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Hybrid Data Centers - Get the Best of Both Worlds

Your enterprise requires a flexible IT infrastructure that can scale on demand. Shifting the appropriate pieces to the cloud will make your enterprise more agile and allow you to manage resources more effectively. A hybrid data center strategy gives you the best of both worlds, so you can take advantage of external resources when it makes sense for your business.
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Our engineers work with clients to understand and integrate new strategies and information technologies that can optimize performance and cost efficiencies in the data center. With rising energy costs and growing concerns over carbon footprint, organizations around the globe are continually looking at how to apply new technologies to help reduce energy demands while maintaining operational excellence. Integral to the BRUNS-PAK process is the establishment of applicable benchmarks to help measure project effectiveness, including: PUE / DPPE, LEED / USGBC, ASHRAE 9.9, TIA942. Applying our 10-level Data Center Facilities Ranking System, we help both IT and facilities teams understand and plan reliability as a strategic objective. We also introduce critical concepts such as disaster recovery, mirroring, applications/network convergence, analytics, and modular infrastructure design to help clients assess all aspects of their enterprise reliability plan and cost-management processes. From basic evaluations to highly focused studies, BRUNS-PAK continually delivers world class reports.


Translating a project’s vision into a deliverable data center means applying a complex set of engineering and design skills, while utilizing the latest technologies to help clients predict implementation issues before they occur. As a leader in the evolution from traditional data center capacity estimates based on watts/sq. ft. to a dynamic plan for energy provisioning and heat dissipation based on specific installed technology, BRUNS-PAK has been a pioneer in the application of techniques such as CFD modeling to help clients visualize data center thermodynamics under varying load conditions. We ensure that clients understand the intricacies of infrastructure service, the implications of new management strategies and the impact of new deployment processes. The BRUNS-PAK methodology applies proven engineering and design techniques to create plans that are detailed, manageable and reflective of all elements of the infrastructure build-out. Our methodology can be adapted to any data center project, including expansion, retrofit or new construction projects.

Construction & Commissioning

When assigned to Construction Administration, we have developed proven tools for punch list management to verify work conforms to contractual obligations and maintain the integrity of the design plan. A thorough commissioning process, including client personnel training, pre-functional checklist and functional performance testing helps bring projects to completion. The Construction Administration involves Classic follow-on service to observe construction generally follows design intent. The BRUNS-PAK general construction options avails the client to a sole source single point of responsibility for the design/build/commissioning process. The general contracting delivery integrates and streamlines the design/engineering interface with expedient responses to RFI’s and shop drawings. The process also provides efficient transfer and update of the base REVIT/BIM models. From permits through the punch list/closeout/commissioning, the client takes advantage of BRUNS-PAK's 36+ years of experience in building/buying data center constructed solutions.

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